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Basic? If your new to XParanormal Detector
PRO? Ready for the next step with more advance features?
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Supported OS for XParanormal Detector version 2.7:
PRO Edition
Affordable! Only $5.99
Full suite!


Choose the right XParanormal Detector edition for yourself!

It might be difficult deciding which edition is right for you. This is why a chart was designed to help you out. The main features are listed below and marked as included or not for each edition as well as limitations.

If your are new to XPararnormal Detector you should experiment with the Basic Edition first, which is FREE. This will give you a glimpse of the basic features and if it works with your Windows PC hardware.

Already bought a license for version 2.0 of XParanormal Detector PRO or PREMIUM Edition?
Just Download and install version 2.5, when ask to update just say yes. (If you have already installed version 2.0 previously). You do not need to buy a new license if you already paid for a PRO or PREMIUM license before.

For a complete list of new features and changes in version 2.5 click here or look below for the newico icons

Disclaimer: XParanormal Detector does not guarantee to detect ghosts, nor does its name imply that they exist. But it might, and they might. However, your interaction, emotional state, and belief system, may be important factors in how you interpret unusual events. This software is a useful tool to some people and an amusing toy to others.
This software should be used for entertainment only.

BASIC Edition
PRO Edition
xParanormal Detector - main application
Quick hardware detection
Spoken words are read aloud using Microsoft Text to Speech engine
Visual display of Flux and ghost energy in your surroundings
Advance tweaking of the sensivity settings
Time shown in notifications
Activity and spoken word history list
Internal multi-language support for detected words (French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and German)
Number of detected spirits shown on radar will be added to the history list
Save your history list for futur consultation
Paranormal radar that displays visually if spirits of the dead are near
Sound alert and logging on High R-Flux detection
Sound alert and logging when spirit is close by
Switch between Dark and regular theme
Change transparency of main interface
Labtools engine support
If spirits are detected the amount of detection time will be added to the history list
Internal database for session management
Add room name while in session
Add questions or comments
X-EVP Recorder - Labtool
Note: A microphone connected to your PC is required
EVP recording
Max. 1 minute
Max. 30 minutes
Max. 60 minutes
Comprehensive help file for beginners
Auto-record mode
Save/Clear history list
Open EVP files directly into Audacity**
Playback recorded files within X-EVP Recorder
Data syncing with xPararnormal Detector
Add questions for history purposes
60+ pre-included questions
Question manager to add your own questions
Set the EVP class to recorded files
Set recorded file to analyzed for history purposes
xParanormal Logbook - Labtool
Add your own paranormal group name to be shown on the report
Export to HTML your data
Print your data
Manage your investigator list
20+ pre-included investigation questions
Log your investigation equipement
xParanormal Session Browser - Labtool
Manage your past sessions
View history lists and logbook summary of past sessions
Filter by types of detections, room of a past session
Export to text from a past session
Export a report to HTML from a past session
Print complete session information (History, logbook)
Preview EVP files from recorded files of X-EVP Recorder
Open EVP sound files into Audacity** directly
Price and dowload
Same Download for all editions




BASIC Edition
PRO Edition
Affordable! Only $5.99
Full suite!
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Note: Once you have paid for the your PRO or PREMIUM license, you should receive your serial number within 48 hours or less. Instructions on how to unlock your PRO or PREMIUM version will be included in the confirmation email sent by us. If not please READ THIS!

** In order to open your EVP sound files directly in Audacity sound editor from either X-EVP Recorder or xParanormal Session browser (in PREMIUM Edition only). You need to have Audacity 2.x installed on your computer (portable version not supported). Audacity is one of the best FREE sound editor available. eXtremeSenses Software does not support the Audacity software. Please visit the Audacity website for more information.

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