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XParanormal Detector

Originally released in 2011, still used by thousands!

Classified as an Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) paranormal software by eXtremeSenses Software. The 4 in 1 paranormal software! XParanormal Detector  will use your existing WIFI adapter card  and/or network adapter from your  computer to detect possible paranormal  activities in your surroundings! It's that  simple. Easy to use, it is very low on  memory and CPU usage! Even works on  most tablets for easy portability!  The  PREMIUM edition includes all the PRO  features and lots more! (Logbook,  session browser, etc..) and VR-GHOSTBOX Premium Edition! It’s packed with features! 

Features - PREMIUM edition:

Speaks out detected words Advance energy detection algorithm Visual display of energy fluctuations Display of the last spoken word Advance tweaking of the sensitivity setting Notification popup when word is detected Paranormal radar visual display of close by spirits History list view of detected words, R-Flux alert Sound alerts -High R-FLux and close by ghosts if detected Multi-language support for detected words If spirits are detected the amount of detection time will be added to the history list Advance session management with the Session Browser Add questions/comments to the list for history purposes VR-GHOSTBOX Premium Edition! And more! Click here to compare the BASIC, PRO and PREMIUM Editions

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10  Intel® Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent, 2.4 GHz or faster 1 GB of RAM or higher 30 megs of hard drive space (or more) Video card : With memory of 512 Megs or higher Minimum resolution 1024x720 / Maximum 1920x1080 DirectX 9.0 or higher Sound card Microphone connected to your Windows PC for X-EVP Recorder Ethernet or WIFI adapter Tablet mode in Windows 10 is NOT supported Administrator permissions are required for installation     Officially released : July 2011  Last updated : released April, 2014    Once you have bought the license an email will be sent to you within 48 hours with the license code for the PREMIUM Version. Instructions will be given to you on how activate the PREMIUM edition

The PREMIUM version is packed with extras!

X-EVP Recorder PREMIUM edition: Record up to 60 minutes Auto-record mode  Playback of recorded files Ask questions to the spirits (60+ included questions) Flag your recorded EVP sound files with an EVP class  (A/B/C) Flag your EVP sound files as analysed Record you EVP files from one of the three different sound qualities Syncs recorded audio and questions with XParanormal Detector history list And more! XParanormal Session browser (full version): Manage and see a global view of your past sessions  Filter by different types (Words, R-Flux detections, questions...) Preview the X-EVP recorder files of the session Print a complete report (Logbook information, detections...) Export to text file, HTML file And more! XParanormal Logbook (full version): Log your clients information for each session Comes with many pre-included questions to ask your client Export to text or HTML file all the logbook information Print a logbook report that includes all your client information Add your paranormal group name on the final report And more!

BONUS! You also get the PREMIUM version of VR-GHOSTBOX for FREE!

Click here for more information about VR-GHOSTBOX

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Packed with features! The paranormal radar is really a nice way to see visually how many spirits might be around you. XParanormal Detector will add to the included history list the radar detections (number of spirits). There’s even multi language support for detected words. The amazing VR-Ghostbox PREMIUM Edition software is even included at no extra cost when you buy the PREMIUM Edition of XParanormal Detector!