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Frequently asked questions

On this page we added the most common questions and answers. This can be a big help before you contact technical support.

Will your software run on my cell phone?

NO. All the software offered on this website can be ONLY used on computers, laptops or tablets that are running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. (Windows version 7 or HIGHER only). Plus make sure your read the minimum system requirements information for each product before you download or buy.

Will your software run on Android or Apple iOS?

NO.  Same answer as above. All the software offered on this website will NOT run on devices running Android devices (ex: Samsung and others) and Apple devices (iPhone, iPad). Only Windows computers and devices (Windows version 7,8 and 10).

I have tried to download and install several times and I get the

error message "can not open file" or “Invalid format”?

It’s because you are trying to download and run the software on an Android or Apple device. Which is NOT supported (Only Windows is supported). See the other 2 answers above.

How do I know if one of your product will run on my Windows

computer, laptop or tablet?

Each product page has Minimum System requirements information. You need to have what is mentionned. You can also look at this page, where I explain a quick way to check yourself. My antivirus says your software has a virus, really? If you have issues with your antivirus software with any of our products, it’s a FALSE POSITIVE. We did not add any virus in any of our products. Read this article about false positives and how to report to your antivirus vendor http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-report-malware-or-false-positives-multiple-antivirus- vendors.htm Here is the description of a false positive on wikipedia

Your software does not start

Make sure your antivirus is not blocking it or removed critical files. It might have detected a FALSE positive and removed a critical file. Read the question above for more details.

I have no sound when I run your software

Make sure the volume is not muted or high enought in your Windows Sound mixer. Also is you have a bluetooth connected to your Windows laptop or tablet, disable it and see if you get sound out of the laptop or tablet internal speaker. If you are not use how to disable your bluetooth speaker, just do a search on Google.

I lost my serial, can you send it again?

If you request a lost serial number after your 6 months of purchase, we will NOT respond. This is why it is important to KEEP THE EMAIL YOU RECEIVED WITH THE SERIAL NUMBER IN A SAFE PLACE. There has been too many people trying to get free serials from us. If it’s within the 6 months period, you need to supply the following information: Proof of purchase of Paypal Address Email used when you purchased your code with Paypal Full name Email to send this information : sales@extremesenses.com

I have a problem with one of your software

FREE technical support is NOT available for ANY FREE paranormal software offered by eXtremeSenses Software (see list below). Which means we will not offer support/help/updates on any of the FREE software. f you received a complimentart code, this applies also. We will focus on giving support for ALL PAID paranormal software ONLY that we offer. Support is offered at no charge for a maximum of 6 months after purchase date for these products ONLY (english only): -          XParanormal Detector PRO and PREMIUM Edition -          XParanormal Spirit Radio PREMIUM Edition -          Phasmabox PREMIUM -          XTS-Spirit box PREMIUM edition -          Spektrocom ITC Imaging -          GhostcamX PREMIUM Edition -          VR-Ghostbox PREMIUM Edition -          Quattuor box PREMIUM Edition -          Infinity box GBX Edition - Quantum box - Angelus - Armania NO support (no more email support or updates) for the following products: -          Afterlight box -          XTS-Spirit box DEMO -          GhostcamX BASIC Edition -          XParanormal Detector BASIC Edition -          XParanormal Spirit Radio BASIC Edition (Discontinued) If you absolutely need technical support for the above FREE products, we will ask for a support fee that can be paid by Paypal. Please email us for the price.

I need support for a product that I paid for

Make sure you are withing the 6 month period before email us us! Add the support tool report, this is absolutely needed. No support will be given without this report. Product name (ex: XParanormal Detector) Product version (ex: v2.7.0.192) Windows version (ex: Windows 7) Detailed description of your problem with steps to reproduce it Print screen (screen shot) of the problem if possible Paypal Transaction ID or key # received by us

I am not getting my download link / unlock code?

It may take up to 48 hours before you get the email from us. We have NO control before we get the confirmation from Paypal! Also check your Spam filter settings and look through your Junk folder. Normally your should receive your unlock code within 48 hours or less after your purchased thru Paypal. Also ExtremeSenses Software Support department answers all questions you submit by e-mail within 24 hours (48 hours at maximum) to registered users ONLY. It may happen that for some technical reasons, you haven’t received any e-mail reply from ExtremeSenses Software to your query. It might happen because of some filtering software installed on your computer. To make sure that you will receive e-mails from us take the following actions:  Add help@extremesenses.com (sales@extremesenses.com, and better the whole extremesenses.com domain) to the list of "safe" e-mail addresses; If you can't do the above action, use the Help section or contact your e-mail/Internet provider's Customer Support to research your configuration options; Disable your Spam e-mail filtering software completely; Search through your “junk mail” and “bulk mail” folders for ExtremeSenses Software e-mail reply, as it could have been moved there by your spam filters. In order to reply to your submitted inquiries we use the e-mail address that you sent your question from. Be sure to type your e-mail address correctly

Do you give support by phone or Facebook?

No. Only by email: help@extremesenses.com

I installed a product that I paid for on my computer, but want

to install it on my tablet also, I have to pay again?

NO. But you need to send a request to help@extremesenses.com for that. By not doing it so, we may block your code and your software will not work anymore.

Can I contact anyone that passed away with your software?

I cannot confirm this and NOBODY can really. Like any paranormal software or app there is NO guarantee it will work. There is NO scientific proof that we can communicate with the spirits of the dead. And that’s a fact.

I have seen people using different pedals with apps, is this

needed with your software?

Most of the software we offer, do not need any external pedals. Especially the noise reduction one. Since there is NO static when sweeping the different audio channels.

Why I should NOT use a noise reduction pedal?

Imagine if your friend was talking and you would start to cut off the conversation. Do you think he would like that, would you understand? Well we think it’s the same with spirits. A noise reduction pedal could be useful with a hacked radio or physical ghost box that produces a lot of static. As for reverb, echo or any other type of pedals, it’s your choice. But again, most of our software includes real time reverb or echo (sometimes adjustable) that does the same job as a 50$- 100$ guitar pedal. 

My friend paid 1000$ for a special kit that has many pedals

and a small amp, worth it?

Honestly, nobody has scientific proof that this type of equipment makes a difference in spirit communication.  If you do find scientific proof of this, please do tell me and where I can find the written research by someone that has studied in that field (has a science degree of some sort). Do your own research before investing $1000++ in paranormal equipment.  

Do I need bluetooth with any of your software?

No, not at all. Just make sure your read the minimum system requirements for each product.