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Infinity box does not need any external pedals to work properly!

You probably seen some people using external pedals for reverb, echo, reverse and even noise reduction pedals with other paranormal software made by the competition. With Infinity box save your money! There is NO NEED for these external pedals. The real-time reverb and echo can be fine tuned by you. There’s even a real-time reverse playback option! A noise reduction pedal is NOT recommended with any of our software.
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Infinity box EXP

Customize your sessions!

Infinity box EXP edition the first software that gives full control over the audio sound banks being used. No other software offers such flexibility to create your own unique spirit communication experience. Add your own audio files and enhance the playback with many flexible adjustments.

Minimum system requirements

Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10 with  .NET 4.0 libraries Intel / AMD processor with DUAL-CORE processor of 2.0ghz 2 GB of RAM or higher 90 megs of hard drive space Video card : With memory of 512 Megs or higher 1366x768 or higher screen resolution DirectX 9.0 or higher Sound card

Experimental ITC Software!

There is simply no other FREE software that offers such flexibility for your spirit communication. You cannot go wrong with this free software. “Hopefully it will allow people to share audio from the many different ghost boxes out there & to create a distinctly unique experience & totally random for any situation. The possibilities are absolutely endless with Infinity box. To have the ability to use any audio from whispers to demonic voice to audio book to ghost box audio is so unbelievably amazing. I cannot imagine anyone not being amazed by this." - Greg Manchester, ghost box maker and ITC researcher
Features of the EXP edition 10 sound banks slots Use your own audio files (MP3,OGG and wav) Optional internet radios Reverb and echo intensity adjustments Optional REVERSE playback Tempo, pitch and rate adjusments One click Ghostbox mode Audio adjustments can be done in real time! Massive collaboration with Greg Manchester And more!
Brian Holloway session with direct responses

Project collaborator:  Greg Manchester, ghost box maker

Infinity box EXP edition - Overview

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Offcially released : November 2015 Current version : released December, 2015