Saturday, April 18, 2015

Musical Dreams

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Today: Apr 18, 2015


XParanormal Detector for Windows

Well, despite making music we now have a new software available called XParanormal Detector for Windows PC. It's fun tool that tries to detect spirits, ghosts that maybe lurking in your surroundings... visit the web site and try it :-) http:\\www.extremesenses.com\software

About eXtremeSenses

"Montreal's eXtremeSenses music brings a mix of musical styles that follows the mood of it's song writer. Trying to bring what is in our minds into dance beats and experimental styles."

In 2005 I challenged myself to do a complete album in a week with just my laptop, some loops and my musical knowledge. The concept album "Once upon a life Vol.1" was born! Each tracks has it own style, from electronic to somewhat experimental. So this first album isn't just a set of songs, but a musical story of life, from birth to death. A Story about a man aging in a world of hurdles.

I discovered the possibility of creating music with simply using a computer years ago with a Commodore Amiga (yes it's a computer), it helped me express my creativity in music. It is only in 2009 I really decided to release any material I have done recently. All the songs were done with license free loops.

-XMan (computer musician and band member)


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